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Are You Always Updating Your Apps?

alwaysupdatingFor some it’s a daily ritual, for others a task put off for another day. I’m talking about updating the applications on your phone and/or tablet. It seems like every time I turn on one of my devices there are apps that need updating. I don’t have many apps on my phone and tablet, but I seem to have a lot of updates on a regular basis. Instead of blindly hitting the update all button this time, I took a few minutes to actually check out what was being updated for each application. I was surprised at the number of apps that simply had “bug fixes”, while others were full blown version upgrades with many enhancements. So when should you update those apps, and when is it safe to ignore them?

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One Response to Are You Always Updating Your Apps?

  1. Barb says:

    I totally agree! I’m sick of always updating.

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